2023. 3. 31(FRI) ~ 4. 9(SUN)


2023. 3. 31(FRI) ~ 4. 9(SUN)



Seoul Mobility Show


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Regulations of Seoul Mobility Show 2023

Article 1 (Definitions)
① "Mobility Show" refers to Seoul Mobility Show 2023.
② “Exhibitor" refers to an entity (organization or body) that has submitted the application form and paid the participation fee for the Mobility Show and exhibits products as stipulated in these regulations during the Mobility Show.
③ "Organizer" refers to the Organizing Committee for Seoul Mobility Show, located at Banpo-daero 25, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea.
Article 2 (Exhibition items)
① Mobility Hardware (related to completed vehicles, parts and mobility)
◦ Passenger car, Commercial vehicle, Supercar, Tuning car and Camping car, Two-wheeled vehicle, etc.
◦ Electric vehicle, Hydrogen vehicle, Autonomous vehicle, etc.
◦ The overall automotive parts industry : Mobility parts, Tuning parts, Tires, etc.
◦ Future mobility parts : Electric driving system, Battery, Electric motor, Charging technology, Infrastructure, etc.
◦ Mobility-related products : Ornaments, Accessories, Auxiliary equipment, etc.
◦ Personal mobility : Electric bicycle, Electric wheel, Kick scooter, etc.
◦ Air mobility : Urban air mobility(UAM), Regional air mobility(RAM), Drone, Aerospace, etc.
◦ Railroad mobility and Hyperloop, Ship mobility, Robot mobility, etc.
◦ Other fields related to mobility industry or mobility culture
② Mobility Software (service and technology)
◦ Mobility Services
- Vehicle sharing : Car sharing, Car hailing, Ride sharing, Shuttle bus, Car rental
- O2O : Chauffeur service, Used car, Maintenance, Car wash, Parking
- Last-mile service : Delivery, Shared bicycle, Shared kick scooter
- Integrated transportation service : Map, Autonomous driving, Big data, ITS, Payment, Security, etc.
◦ Mobility Technology Startup and Incubation Fields
- Autonomous driving : Radar, Lidar, Lens, Software, etc.
- Mobility convergence technology : IT, IoT, Electric/Electronic devices, Control, Design, etc.
Article 3 (Application for participation)
① Application documents may be submitted by mail, fax, or e-mail (sms@kama.or.kr), or through the official website of Seoul Mobility Show (www.mobilityshow.or.kr).
② Members of the Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association (KAMA), Korea Automobile Importers & Distributors Association (KAIDA), and Korea Auto Industries Cooperative Association (KAICA) can submit the application form through their associations.
③ Members of the associations or institutions (organizations) which entered into an official agreement with KAMA for attracting multiple companies to participate in the Mobility show, must submit their application forms through their associations or institutions (organizations).
④ The application will not be deemed valid and legally binding unless the amount under Article 4 is paid upon submission of the application.
⑤ Any other Exhibitors (not mentioned in Article 3.2 or 3.3) who wish to participate can apply via Seoul Mobility Show website (www.mobilityshow.or.kr).
⑥ The Organizer may allow participants who register for the Mobility Show after the application deadline, i.e. October 31st, 2022, to participate depending on the status and availabilities within the exhibition halls.
⑦ The Organizer may provide separate exhibition halls for special exhibitions. In this case, participation fees and application process may be separately determined (including the case of foreign institution recruiting multiple number of overseas Exhibitors).
Article 4 (Terms of payment)
① Participation fees must be paid directly to the bank account designated by the Organizer.
② Participants must pay the application fee (at least 50% of the participation fee) by the application and the balance must be paid by December 16, 2022.
③ If the payment is made in full by October 31st, 2022, the application deadline, only the remaining amount after a deduction of 10% discount of the participation fee is to be paid
④ Any participants who register after the application deadline, i.e. October 31st, 2022, participants must pay 100% of the participation fee upon the submission of the application form.
⑤ If a participant pays at least 50% of the fee by or before October 31st, 2022 but fails to pay the full participation fee within one month from the aforementioned payment deadline, i.e. January 16th, 2023, the Organizer may invalidate the Exhibitor’s application for participation and the Exhibitor will be liable for the balance of the fee receivable.
Article 5 (Allocation of booths)
① In principle, the Organizer shall allocate booth locations and sizes in order of the booth sizes, and registration dates in case the sizes are the same (at least 50% of the participation fee must be paid). If it is difficult to allocate booths according to the above principle, the Organizer shall allocate booths in order of the booth sizes from the previous Seoul Mobility Show, and the number of times the Exhibitor participated in the last 3 events of Seoul Mobility Show. The same principle shall be applied when the Organizer adjusts the booth locations and sizes allocated to participants if necessary, e.g. change in application status.
② For imported brands (at least 50% of the participation fee must be paid) however, the booth locations and areas shall be allocated according to the separate method determined by the Korea Automobile Importers & Distributors Association (KAIDA).
③ Specific associations or institutions (organizations) mentioned in Article 3.3 can allocate display locations and areas for a few participant companies in separate independent booths after consultation with the Organizer.
④ The Organizer shall have full discretion to give priority in the allocation of space to the Exhibitors invited by the Organizer for strategic purposes to the Mobility Show.
⑤ Organizer may allocate the booth area for the Exhibitors who wishes to sell items on-display (e.g. decorations, accessories, gadgets, etc.) according to the characteristics of the exhibits and efficient use of the surrounding areas.
⑥ If the total exhibition area applied for exceeds the total area available, the Organizer shall seek ways to adjust the booth sizes of all applicants. (The degree of adjustment may vary by individual applicant depending on how many times the Exhibitor participated in previous 3 events of Seoul Mobility Show.)
⑦ In no case shall an Exhibitor sublet the whole or part of the allotted booth space to a third party or exchange space with another Exhibitor.
Article 6 (Cancellation or changes in the Mobility Show)
① The Organizer shall not be liable for any loss incurred to any Exhibitor, including participation fee and installation and operating expenses, resulting from the cancellation, change, or suspension of the Mobility Show arising from a force majeure, including any act of God, emergency, or anything not attributable to the Organizer.
② The Organizer shall have the right to change the duration or opening hours of the Mobility Show if the Organizer determines that doing so is necessary for the smooth operation of the exhibition hall. In this case, the Organizer shall not be held liable for any loss arising, as set out in Article 6.1.
③ In the event that the Mobility Show is cancelled by the Organizer due to anything attributable to the Organizer, the Organizer shall give each Exhibitor a full refund of the participation fee already paid. The refund will constitute full compensation for the loss incurred due to the cancellation.
Article 7 (Withdrawal or cancellation penalties)
① In the event the Exhibitor fails to comply with what is set out in the Guide to the Exhibit at the Mobility Show 2023 (Announcement No. 2022-1 by the Organizing Committee for Seoul Mobility Show 2023) or the Regulations (Regulations No. 2022-1 by the Organizing Committee for Seoul Mobility Show 2023), the Organizer may invalidate the Exhibitor’s application. In addition, if a participating company cancels participation in an exhibition or cancels part of the exhibition area allocated, the company must immediately notify the organizer of the reason for the cancellation in writing. For the above cases, the organizer will refund total participation fee without interest after deducting the cancellation fee/penalty according to the table below.
Timing of Withdrawal / cancellation
Timing of Withdrawal / cancellation Penalty
November 1st, 2022 – December 16th, 2022 50% of the reference amount
December 17th, 2022 – January 31st , 2023 80% of the reference amount
February 1st, 2023 – March 29th, 2023 100% of the reference amount
* Reference amount = (space abandoned/space allocated) x total participation fee
* The space allocated shall be deemed as space applied for by the Exhibitor before the spaces for the entire Exhibitors are finalized.
② The point of cancellation under Article 7.1 shall be the date when the official notification for cancellation by the Exhibitor is received by the Organizer.
③ Where an overseas-based participating exhibitor inevitably cancels its participation due to its own country's quarantine guidelines, it shall be excluded from the imposition of penalties under Article 7. In such cases, the participating company must submit materials to the organizer to prove quarantine guidelines promulgated by the relevant government of the relevant country.
④ Participation fee mentioned in Article 7.1 refers to the total participation fee incurred by the exhibition. When a participant receives a 10% discount on paying 100% in advance, the amount refers to the exact amount paid by the participant.
Article 8 (Installation of booths and Exhibition Hall management)
① Each Exhibitor shall install, manage, and operate its booth in accordance with the Operating Manual for the KINTEX exhibit hall and the Guidelines on the Management of the Seoul Mobility Show 2023 and the Guidelines on Exhibiting at the Seoul Mobility Show 2023 issued by the Organizer and shall fully cooperate with efforts to keep the Mobility show running smoothly.
② Each Exhibitor shall make reasonable efforts to prevent any fires, damage, destruction, accidents during the setup, operation, and removal of the booths.
③ Each Exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any damage, theft, fire, accident, or any other incidents that might occur within its own booth.
④ Each Exhibitor is obliged to protect any installations set up by the exhibition hall or the Organizer and agrees to repair any damage or breakage to original state prior to the installations when it removes its booth. If the Exhibitor fails to do so, the Organizer may opt to perform repair work on behalf of the Exhibitor, and relevant costs shall be borne by the Exhibitor.
⑤ The Exhibitor shall be liable for any violations of any articles and the guidelines according to Article 8.1, and the Organizer reserves the right to charge relevant penalties or claim reimbursement according to the manual and guidelines.
⑥ The Organizer may restrict access to certain individuals to the exhibition hall for the efficient and safe operations therein.
⑦ The Organizer shall have the discretion to ban certain types of products and activities within the exhibition hall (must have prior consent from the Organizer as indicated in Article 2) if it deems necessary to ensure order and safety. The Organizer may issue a formal warning 2 times and can remove the Exhibitor at the site if no other adjustment is made.
Article 9 (Insurance)
① The Organizer shall purchase comprehensive insurance policy (commercial general liability) covering personal injury that might occur within the exhibition hall during the Mobility show.
② Each Exhibitor purchases insurance in principle against responsibility for any accidents that might occur within its booth during the Mobility show, including the period for booth set up and removal.
Article 10 (Reference regulations)
① The “operating manual for KINTEX exhibition halls, the “guidelines on the management of the Seoul Mobility show 2023” and the “guidelines on exhibiting at the Seoul Mobility Show 2023” shall supplement the participation management rules, and participants must faithfully comply with them.
② If there are changes or additions to the supplementary provisions in Paragraph 1 in the future according to changes in the exhibition Organizer or internal/external exhibition-related policies and environment, they shall have the same effect as these provisions.
Article 11 (Dispute settlement)
Any disputes arising between the Organizer and an Exhibitor regarding the interpretation of these regulations on participation shall be governed by Korean law. The parties will attempt in in good faith and trust to resolve the matter amicably. If it is not resolved, the parties will address the dispute in the court of competent jurisdiction, Seoul Central District Court.

Privacy Policy of Personal Information

1. The purpose of collection of personal information
Collecting personal information is for following purposes :
- The introduction of Seoul Mobility Show
- Membership services such as complaint handling
- Delivery of advertisement and events schedule
2. Information to be collected
For registration, consultation, service applications, the following information is collected :
- Company name(Kor, Eng)/CEO/Address/Person in charge’s name/Job title/Department/Tel number/Mobile/E-mail/ID/Password/Access logs/Cookies/IP information, etc
3. Duration of retention of personal data
- Personal data will not be kept longer than that is necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose for which it is collected.
4. User’s rights and obligations
- You have the right to deny collection of your personal information. But please be reminded you cannot access to registration without provision of required personal information
5. Contact us
- Eun-Kyoung Lee (General Manager) in charge of Exhibition Division from Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association, Tel : +82-2-3660-1884/1894, E-mail : sms@kama.or.kr

Exhibitor Login Account Setting

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Password can only be used within 8 to 20 digits of the combination of English and numbers (excluding special characters) and cannot be used the same as the ID

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Company name

In the case of companies participating in the type of group booths, please fill it out as ’company name (group name)’

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Exhibits (Details)

- Upload attachments with jpg, gif, png, jpeg, pdf, doc, docx, hwp, ppt, pptx, xls, and zip (file type)

- Attach images or catalogs for reference of the exhibits

Size and Participation Fee

(Excluding VAT)

Type Rate Total Size Total Participation Fee
General Exhibitors Space Only 220,000 KRW/㎡
Shell Scheme Booth (3m*3m) 2,600,000 KRW/Booth Booth
Automotive Gadgets & Accessories Sellers Space Only 300,000 KRW/㎡
Shell Scheme Booth (3m*3m) 3,300,000 KRW/Booth Booth


After applying for participation, contact the Seoul Mobility Show Organizing Committee and issue an invoice (E-mail : sms@kama.or.kr)

  • Participation fee transferred to: Shinhan Bank 140-005-228472 (SHBKKRSE)
    (Account holder: Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association)
  • Any foreign entity without a registered representative in Korea shall transfer the participation fee excluding the VAT to the bank account

"The undersigned, hereby submits this contract with the pledge to fully comply with what is written in the Seoul Mobility Show 2023 Participation Guide (Announcement No. 2022-1 by the Organizing Committee for Seoul Mobility Show) and the Regulations of Seoul Mobility Show 2023 (Regulations No. 2022-1 by the Organizing Committee for Seoul Mobility Show) and agrees to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations as stipulated in the regulations. "