2023. 3. 31(FRI) ~ 4. 9(SUN)


2023. 3. 31(FRI) ~ 4. 9(SUN)



Seoul Mobility Show


Seoul Mobility Award

Seoul Mobility Award


Name : Seoul Mobility Award

Date/Location : 2023. 4. 5 (Wed) - 6 (Thu), KINTEX  (held during the Seoul Mobility Show)

Venue : KINTEX

Organizer : Seoul Mobility Show Organizing Committee

Organizer : KAIST, Korea Automobile Research Institute, Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology

Major schedule [Detailed schedule can be changed]

  • STEP 01

    Guidance and Promotion

    in January

  • STEP 02

    Contest and application Promotion

    2023. 2. 1 (Wed) - 28 (Tue)

  • STEP 03

    Announcement of preliminary screening

    March 20th (Mon), 2023
    (two weeks before the opening of the exhibition)

  • STEP 04

    Final presentation

    2023. 4. 5 (Wed)
    (during the exhibition)

  • STEP 05

    Awards Ceremony

    2023. 4. 6 (Thu)
    (during the exhibition)

Judging and Awards

Conducting preliminary rounds through evaluation by judges → Selection of companies entering the final round → Announcement of the final round during the exhibition period → Award of excellence, grand prize, and grand prize in each category

Composition of the review committee : Composed of 5 members including the chairman of the Seoul Mobility Show Organizing Committee

  • - Organizers and organizers (Seoul Mobility Show Organizing Committee, Korea Automobile Research Institute, Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology, Institute for Advancement of Industrial Technology)
  • - Composed of 5 members, including the chairperson, including UAM field, investment company, automobile industry, professional reporter, and experts in each field

Evaluation method

Evaluation method
tryout (March) Finals (april)
ㆍDocument screening (Before event) : Selection of companies entering the final round through application form and technology introduction ㆍFinal PT : On-site exhibition (8 minutes pitching, 7 minutes Q&A)
ㆍExcellence award selection by field (6 companies), grand prize selection (3 companies), grand prize selection (1 company)

Entry field

  • Mobility Hardware
  • Completed future means of transportation,
    eco-friendly mobility (cars, ships, two-wheeled vehicles, etc.),
    aircraft, UAM, drones, personal mobility, etc.
  • Mobility Software
  • Connected technology (IoT, ICT),
    autonomous driving technology (radar, lidar, laser sensor, etc.),
    MaaS, SaaS, artificial intelligence, ITS, 5G communication technology,
    car sharing, car hailing, taxi service ,
    O2O(used car, surrogate operation, parking, car wash), etc.
  • Mobility Tech
  • Mobility parts, accessories, etc.
    New products, new technologies of tangible products related to mobility


Target : 1 company out of all

Grand Prize : 1 company per field (3 in total)

Excellence Award : 2 companies in each field (6 in total)

Special Award: 2 companies

  • ※ Special awards are operated separately depending on the circumstances of related institutions.
2023년 서울모터쇼
tryout (March)
Selection of finalist companies through evaluation by judges
2023년 서울모터쇼
Finals (April)
division Fields of entry (number of awardees) Provided benefits
(2 companies)
(2 companies)
(2 companies)
booth fee
500,000 won discount
2023년 서울모터쇼
(1 company)
(1 company)
(1 company)
1 million won
2023년 서울모터쇼
Target MOBILITY INNOVATOR (1 company)
※ Comprehensive evaluation No. 1 company
3 million won

Award privileges

Prize money or booth fee discount for award-winning companies and excellent company logo attached to the top of the booth

  • - Target : KRW 3 million and award of certificate and plaque
  • - Grand Prize : KRW 1 million and award of certificate and plaque
  • - Excellence Award : Certificate of merit and KRW 500,000 discount on booth fee
  • - Special Award : 500,000 won discount on listing and booth fee
  • ※ Special awards are operated separately depending on the circumstances of related institutions.

Press promotion (company introduction and interview)

Support for outdoor or print advertisements at exhibitions

Ceremony held during exhibition hours, prize money and awards awarded

Promote the awards by installing an X banner in front of the booth

Awards List

2023년 서울모터쇼
수상구분 기업명 출품 제품 출품 분야
대 상 ㈜에스오에스랩 자율주행 고정형 3차원 라이다 MOBILITY TECH
최우수상 ㈜오토노머스에이투지 자율주행 솔루션 ‘a2z 로보 셔틀’ MOBILITY HARDWARE
㈜위밋모빌리티 통합물류관리 솔루션 ‘루티’ (ROOUTY) MOBILITY SOFTWARE
㈜베스텔라랩 제로크루징-스마트시티 및 자율주행차용 V2I 내비게이션 시스템 MOBILITY TECH
우수상 (주)이스온 승하강식 ‘드론충전스테이션’ (ON STATION) MOBILITY HARDWARE
(주)비스포크엔지니어링 독립 조향·현가·구동·제동이 가능한 통합주행모듈 MOBILITY HARDWARE
에스케이렌터카-에이치엘만도 주행 데이터 기반 부품 내구성 예측 정비 모델 MOBILITY SOFTWARE
㈜테이슨 드론현장 운영관제 솔루션 ‘드론워크’ (DRONWORK) MOBILITY SOFTWARE
 차봇모빌리티 데이터 드리븐 모빌리티 플랫폼 ‘차봇’ MOBILITY SOFTWARE
(주)에티포스 초소형 스마트폰 연동 V2X 솔루션 단말기 ‘V2X-AIR’ MOBILITY TECH
특별상 모비에이션 UAM 서비스 플랫폼 URBAN AIR MOBILITY
클로버스튜디오 UAM 지상관제시스템 URBAN AIR MOBILITY
(주)인벤티스 메타버스 전시관 앱 기획 및 개발 METAVERSE

‘Seoul Mobility Award 2023’ Sketch

Final Presentation


Awards Ceremony

서울모빌리티어워드 본선발표
서울모빌리티어워드 시상식
서울모빌리티어워드 수상자 단체사진